CPU-S-P1207 Rev.F Profile CPU Cooler

For AMD Opteron Socket 1207 Rev F. Processor

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 Model Number : CPU-S1207F-P1


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  • Designed for AMD Opteron Socket 1207 Rev.F Processor
  • Supports AMD Opteron Processor up to 2.6GHz (Opteron 285) with ATXBlade enclosures
  • Heatsink is made of pure copper with heat-pipes for maximum heat dissipation
  • Dimensions:
    • Body Section: 111mm L x 96mm W x 28mm H
    • Heat-Pipe Section: 230mm L x 26mm W x 30mm H
  • Supports ATXBlade S800 version 1.0+ blade chassis



Motherboard Compatibility

  • Socket 1207 Rev.F Based Motherboard Support List



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  • Specially Designed Low Profile CPU Cooler for AMD Opteron Socket 1207 Rev.F Based Processor