CPU-R1 2U Rugged Intel Xeon/P4 CPU Heatsink

For Intel processor socket 478 & 603/4


 Model Number : CPU-R1


 Model Number : CPU-R1Turbo


  • Designed for Intel Xeon socket 603/4 and P4 socket 478 processors
  • Supports Intel Xeon/P4 Processor up to 3.4 GHz with Rackmount enclosures
  • Supports Intel Xeon/P4 Processor up to 2.4 Ghz with most generic enclosures
  • Advanced heatsink design increases air-to-surface ratio
  • Heatsink is made of aluminum for extrusions and copper core for maximum heat transfer
  • Supports 2U or greater height chassis
  • CPU-R1Turbo includes an upgraded fan that is even more rugged and provides a higher rate of airflow


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  • CPU-R1 2U rugged Intel Xeon/P4 CPU Heatsink



  • CPU-R1Turbo 2U turbocharged rugged Intel Xeon/P4 CPU Heatsink


Note: The above heatsinks do not come with retainer brackets. The heatsink will fit into a Xeon motherboard's retainers but for P4 motherboards, the retainer bracket below must be used.
  • CPU-R1 and CPU-R1Turbo heatsink retainer bracket (For CPU-R1 or CPU-R1Turbo heatsinks only)
  • Intel P4 Socket 478 heatsink replacement retainer bracket (For standard Intel heatsinks)