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ATXBlade S900 HPC Cluster Server
Rackmount Chassis

Non-Proprietary Open Technology Blade Server Chassis

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Salient Features

    "...blade-server vendors aim to enmesh customers inside a highly proprietary environment." -John Edwards, CIO Magazine

  • Our ATXBlade utilizes non-proprietary technology and will not lock you into a unwanted long-term relationship
  • Six 120 mm rear exhaust fans (88 CFM each) and strategically placed venting ports ensures a constant draft of airflow through the chassis
  • The top and bottom venting grids allow multiple airflow pathways. A high powered heat vacuum may be installed on top of the cluster stack for a redundant source of ventilation.
  • Motherboard I/O interface is front mounted, allowing easy access for cabling
  • Supports Intel 3.6+ GHz Pentium 4 processors
  • Supports Intel 3.2+ Ghz Dual Xeon processors
  • Supports AMD Athlon 64 4000+ / 64 FX-57 / 64 X2 4800+ processors
  • Supports AMD Opteron processors
  • Chassis can be used as a stand-alone cabinet if not rackmounted
  • Supports 5 PC Blades in an 8U housing
  • Supports ATX and MicroATX motherboards

    ATXBlade, the ideal candidate for the following applications:

    • Beowulf high power multi-processor clustering
    • High availability cluster servers
    • Load-balancing cluster servers
    • Rendering server farms / render farm / render nodes
    • Test & measurement stations
    • Software development test servers/stations
    • PC Blades / PC Blade
  • 8U height + optional 1U top-mounted blower kit
  • Each 8U housing carrier has a capacity of 5 blade servers
  • Each blade ( PC Blade ) has two internal 3.5" drive bays
  • Each blade ( PC Blade ) supports uATX, and ATX motherboard size up-to 12" x 0.5"
  • 3 PCI slots available using a 32-Bit or 64-Bit PCI Raiser Card (Optional)
  • Supports standard heatsink for 2U or standard box processor heatsink/cpu coolers.
  • Supports one 24X CD-ROM or DVD-RW Reader / Writer (Included)
  • 400W EPS12V ATX power supply (Included per blade)
  • S900 Dimensions: 26" x 19" x 14"(DxWxH) w/ mounting brackets
  • EIA 310C Compliant
  • Chassis wall thickness: 1.2 mm.
  • Weight: approx. 170 lbs (empty standard unit)
    Housing carrier: approx. 70 lbs
    Individual blade unit: approx. 10 lbs
  • Heavy-duty cold-rolled steel construction
  • Three configurable LED indicators
  • Front mounted I/O shield w/ access to USB, PS/2 keyboard, and mouse ports
  • One I/O shield is included, please contact us by email or phone to specify your choice
  • Momentary power rocker switch
  • Affixed thumbscrews for securing each blade unit

    Recommended Motherboards

  • N/A

For complete server solutions (fully integrated PC Blades) with the ATXBlade chassis, please visit:
www.atxblade.com or www.extremenode.com

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 ATXBlade S900 with Blades Pulled


ATXBlade S900 Blades Front View with 5 PC Blades


ATXBlade S900 Rear View (Two Removable Fan Trays)




Rackmount chassis


Part #

Product Description


On-Line Ordering FAQ


  • ATXBlade S900 V1.1 Cluster Server Chassis w/ 5 400 Watt blades (1 housing + 5 blades)




  • ATXBlade S900 V1.1 Housing Carrier - Rackmountable 8U carrier w/ 5 blade capacity



  • ATXBlade S800 V1.1 Blade Chassis - Individual 400 Watt blade chassis that can be docked into a ATXBlade S800 housing carrier (Highly recommend for Intel Xeon, AMD Athlon 64 and AMD Opteron processor based motherboards)

Note: Previous experience with 1U system installation strongly recommended for blade system installation. The ATXBlade S800 is currently available in OEM packaging only.
Questions? Please read the ATXBlade Cluster Server Chassis FAQ


OEM Special! Buy in bulk from our factory plant for your web hosting / data center and get factory direct prices!


Optional Accessories (Most Popular)

ATXBlade Blank Covers
  • ATXBlade S800 Metal Cover Plate Style 1- Designed to ensure proper airflow when a housing carrier is not fully populated; each plate replaces the space for one blade
ATXBlade PCI/PCI-Express Riser Cards


  • 3 x 32-Bit PCI Riser Card (Supports 5V)




  • 3 x 64-Bit PCI Riser Card (Supports 5V)



  • 3 x 64-Bit PCI Riser Card (Supports 3.3V)
Certified ATXBlade CPU Heatsinks and Coolers
ATXBlade High Performance Power Supplies


  • Standard 400W ATX Power Supply w/PFC (Spare Power Supply Unit for ATXBlade) (EPS12V and Support SSI v3.51)



ATXBlade Power Supply Cable Sets
  • Power Supply Cable Set For SP-PXXXX (Supports 2 x 4-Pin Harddisk)
  • Power Supply Cable Set For SP-PXXXX (Supports 2 x SATA Harddisk)
ATXBlade Add-On Enhancement Products
  • Universal DC 120mm fan for replacement of any Rackmount 120mm fan
  • Exhaust Fan Booster Kit for ATXBlade Housing Unit (Supports ATXBlade Housing Version S101 1.7+ and S800 1.1+)
  • Exhaust Fan Kit for ATXBlade Housing Unit (Supports ATXBlade Housing Version 1.7+ )

SRAID Series

  • Clustering storage solution - smart RAID SATA or IDE to SCSI 16 bay U320 w/ redundant power supply

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